Veteran outreach and education with Tech For Troops' President and Executive Director, Mark Casper.

Tech For Troops provides information technology training for veterans, teaching them valuable job skills and helping to prepare them for reentry into the workforce.  They also refurbish and donate used technology to veterans in need, as well as responsibly recycling old and unusable computers.

Mark Casper is a career IT expert focusing on large-scale government and civilian IT projects. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran and has worked with Northrup Grumman and Capital One. Mark is a Service Disabled Veteran small business owner of Federal Street Consulting. He has held Board positions with several non-profits that serve veterans

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4840 Waller Road,
Richmond, VA 23230.

Monday – Friday 9am til 3pm
Wednesday 9am til 7pm

Tech For Troops with Mark Casper